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Moscow, Russia: Anti-drug activity

Moscow, Russia: Anti-drug activity

Scientologists distribute booklets on the truth about the most commonly abused drugs and collect signatures from citizens who pledge to remain drug-free.


Church of Scientology of Moscow Drug Education and Prevention a Year-Round Activity

No matter the weather, Moscow Scientologists carry out drug education and prevention to help counter drug abuse trends in their city.

Despite frigid conditions, volunteers from the Church of Scientology took their drug education and prevention activities to the streets of Moscow this week, distributing 2,600 fliers and collecting 2,000 signatures on drug-free pledges. And for good reason.

According to a 2010 United Nations study, Russia has the world’s highest per capita heroin use, resulting in 30,000 to 40,000 drug-related deaths in the country each year. 

The Russian Federal Service for the Control of Narcotics reported a 15-fold rise in the number of drug-related crimes and a tenfold increase in the number of Russian drug users from 1996 to 2006. As reported in The New York Times this week, an estimated 1.8 million users inject drugs in that country—the highest of any nation in the world. To worsen matters, addiction is hitting young people the hardest—the majority of drug addicts are 16-30, and over the last decade, the age of first use dropped from 17 to 14.

Volunteers from the Church of Scientology of Moscow, determined to reverse this trend, carry out drug education and prevention activities throughout the year. They distribute drug education and prevention booklets and flyers and collect signatures on their drug-free pledge every week.  They organize a wide variety of activities, including street events and concerts. In June 2011 they carried out a marathon that traveled through 12 nearby cities.

To learn more about the drug prevention initiative sponsored by the Church of Scientology or to participate, visit the Scientology website.

The Church of Scientology of Moscow celebrated its grand opening at its new home on Taganskaya Street February 26, 2011. The new Church is designed to serve as a home for the entire community and a meeting ground of cooperative efforts to uplift citizens of all denominations.

Church of Scientology of Los Angeles Youth Help Kids Say No to Drugs

Church of Scientology  Drug-Free Marshals helped  hundreds of LA youth take the “drug-free pledge” at a Los Angeles block party.

Youth of the Church of Scientology are working to arm LA kids with the best anti-drug weapon there is—the real facts about drugs.  At a block party last weekend, these youth helped 200 kids and teens make decisions that will benefit them the rest of their lives—the decision to live a drug-free life.

For the past 16 years, the Los Angeles Church of Scientology Drug-Free Marshals have activated young people of all backgrounds, faiths and ethnicities in pledging to live drug-free lives and helping their friends and families do the same.

“Kids are exposed to peer pressure and are hit by pro-drug propaganda every time they turn on the TV, listen to their favorite music or log onto the Internet,” said Edie Reuveni, President of the Church of Scientology Los Angeles who coordinates the activities of her Church’s chapter of the Drug-Free Marshals.  “It’s no wonder nearly half of all public school children in the United States have tried drugs or alcohol by the time they are 13.  Educating youth about drugs is vital.”

The Drug-Free Marshals began in California 16 years ago when members of the Church of Scientology decided to do something to protect kids from the dangers of drugs with straightforward education on the facts.    They realized that if kids got onto drugs because of the influence of “friends,” the best solution would be for kids to help other kids say no to drugs.

Like the U.S. Marshals of the Wild West, whose courage and conviction meant the difference between life and death for the settlers and townsfolk of the day, Drug-Free Marshals protect their peers from drugs, which are potentially as deadly as the blast of a gun.

Today, the Drug-Free Marshals provide their peers The Truth About Drugs series of booklets at sports events, fairs and community gatherings.  Kids earn a Marshals badge by pledging to live a drug-free life, to set an example to their friends and families, and help others make the same decision.

The Los Angeles Church of Scientology Drug-Free Marshals are proud to be the first chapter of a program that has been adopted in cities through the United States and in Canada, Africa, Europe, Japan and Taiwan, and, as the Drug-Free Ambassadors, in Australia and New Zealand.

For more information on the drug-education initiative of the Church of Scientology, visit the Scientology web site.

Scientology Program Promotes Personal Freedom for Pakistani Youth

Freedom from drugs is the theme with 50 youth sworn in as Drug-Free Marshals at the Pakistani Independence Day celebration in Brussels.

The Church of Scientology International European Public Affairs Office partnered with the Pakistan Businessmen Forum of Belgium and the Institute for Peace and Development to help 50 Pakistani youth commit to live drug-free lives at this week’s celebration of the 62nd anniversary of Pakistani independence held in the Belgian capital.

More than 600 members of the Belgian Pakistani community looked on while the young people were sworn in as Drug-Free Marshals, taking an oath in the Urdu language to live drug-free lives and help their friends and families do the same.

The Church of Scientology’s presentation of its anti-drug campaign to the Belgian Pakistani community, including three short video clips that raised awareness of the devastating effects of marijuana, alcohol, and heroin, could not have been more timely.  It addressed the very issue raised by last Tuesday’s announcement by Pakistan’s Ministry for Narcotics Control that there are an estimated 620,800 drug addicts in Pakistan, 77% of them heroin users.

In October 1947, just months after Pakistan gained its independence, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, first Governor-General of Pakistan, said, “My message to you all is of hope, courage and confidence. Let us mobilize all our resources in a systematic and organized way and tackle the grave issues that confront us with grim determination and discipline worthy of a great nation.”  Today, one of those issues is drug abuse and addiction.

“In today’s world, independence means more than political sovereignty,” said Marc Bromberg, managing director of the European Public Affairs Office of the Church of Scientology International.  “Freedom from drug abuse and addiction is a significant aspect of an independent life.”

For more information on the anti-drug programs of the Church of Scientology visit the Scientology web site