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New Scientology Printing Facility Churns out Millions of Properties a Week


| LOS ANGELES • JANUARY 26, 2011 |

The new Church of Scientology International Dissemination and Distribution Center is established in Los Angeles to meet the unprecedented demand for the services and humanitarian programs of the fastest-growing religion on Earth.

The anchor of the printing plant is a custom-built 121-ton web press. Among other materials, it prints Church magazines in 15 languages, with a global circulation of millions.  The press accommodates these diverse needs with the capability to automatically switch print jobs from one language to another. It prints at a rate of 55,000 pages per hour. The facility additionally includes both sheet-fed and digital presses to produce the hundreds of thousands of informational pieces Church organizations use to introduce their communities to the Scientology religion and its services.

The Scientology International Dissemination and Distribution Center further produces all educational materials for Church-sponsored humanitarian programs, including the world’s largest non-governmental human rights initiative and the world’s largest non-governmental drug awareness program. The Church provides these educational materials to schools, civic groups, government, law enforcement and institutions in the private sector free of charge. Inasmuch as all materials are now produced in-house, for the same it previously cost to produce 3.5 million drug education booklets, the Church can now produce 35 million and reach 10 times the number of at-risk youth.

The facility further includes a warehousing and distribution department. The mailing system is fully automated and is capable of addressing 150,000 pieces every eight hours. The entire shipping line is capable of shipping better than 500,000 boxes and individual items each week.

The Center additionally includes facilities to manufacture signature uniforms for the growing number of volunteers within Church-supported programs, including shirts, caps, jackets and other insignia for United for Human RightsYouth for Human RightsTruth About Drugsas well as Scientology Volunteer Ministers.

With the new Church of Scientology International Dissemination and Distribution Center, the Church now has the capability to provide its help to millions more on every continent in accomplishing its aims: A Civilization without insanity, without criminals and without war, where the able can prosper and honest beings can have rights, and where Man is free to rise to greater heights.


The Scientology religion was founded by L. Ron Hubbard. The first Church of Scientology was formed in the United States in 1954 and has today expanded to more than 9,000 Churches, Missions and affiliated groups, with millions of members in 165 countries.


Scientology Volunteer Ministers of West Bengal Join in the Relief Effort for Cyclone Alia

Scientology volunteers help officials cope with Cyclone Alia, which left millions stranded in India and Bangladesh.

West Bengal, India—A team of Scientology Volunteer Ministers has spent the past week helping the people of West Bengal recover from Cyclone Alia.

The Scientology volunteers have been assisting government agencies along with other private relief organizations, first in the search and rescue operation, and in providing needed supplies to those who are stranded.

Alia is responsible for the deaths of at least 200 in Bangladesh and India.  The storm stuck on May 25th, two weeks before the expected start of the monsoon season.  More than a million were marooned, left homeless, or crowded into government-run shelters, schools or makeshift camps without adequate supplies or sanitation.

In Bangladesh the storm inundated vast stretches of rice paddies and cropland with salty seawater.  It submerged the entire coastal island of Nijhum Dwip, leaving its 25,000 residents homeless. In India, when Alia hit Kolkata, it snapped power lines, downed trees and tore the roofs off buildings.

The West Bengal Scientology Volunteer Ministers are seasoned disaster relief specialists who have helped most recently with emergency response after the Bihar floods and the Mumbai terror attacks.  In addition to caring for the physical needs of those affected by the cyclone, these volunteers are trained to provide Scientology Assists, simple techniques developed by Scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard, that speed recovery from the effects of a disaster by helping people overcome the emotional and spiritual aspects of trauma.

For more information visit the Scientology Volunteer Ministers web site or the Scientology Video Channel.

Scientology Celebrity Centre of Nashville Joins the Great American Cleanup

Nashville—Last Thursday members of the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre of Nashville got down and dirty downtown to clean up the banks of the historic Cumberland River.

The state spends 11 million dollars of taxpayer money annually picking up trash Tennessee litterbugs leave behind.  Members of the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre joined thousands of other Music City volunteers to do something effective and upgrade the image of their city.

“We think it is very important to join community efforts to make sure Nashville is a nice place to live,” said Julie Forney, spokesperson for the Scientology Celebrity Centre.  “L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of the Scientology religion, emphasized the importance of safeguarding and improving the environment.  Scientologists take this to heart and we are proud to be part of this program.”

This year Nashville is one of three cities chosen to showcase the Keep America Beautiful project, a volunteer-based community action and education organization whose mission is to engage individuals to take greater responsibility for improving their community environments. More than 1.5 million Tennessee volunteers participated in Keep America Beautiful’s Great American Cleanup last year, making the program one of the largest community activities in the state.

Thai Research Nurse Completes Scientology Volunteer Minister Training at the Church of Scientology of New York

It is not unusual for the Church of Scientology of New York to train new Scientology Volunteer Ministers. But one of last week’s graduates was special—Dr. Channakan Boonnuch, a research nurse at the Siriraj Hospital of Thailand, the largest public hospital in that southeast Asian country.

Dr. Channakan Boonnuch

Dr. Boonnuch was introduced to the Volunteer Ministers program last year at a seminar conducted by a Scientology Volunteer Ministers team from the Church of Scientology Mission of Bangkok.  The Mission’s volunteers gained first-hand knowledge of the value of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers program when they helped the people of their country recover from the devastating 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami.

L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of the Scientology religion and the Scientology Volunteer Ministers program, developed Scientology “Assists,” which address the mental and spiritual aspects of a person’s physical difficulties.

In her speech at the graduation ceremony in New York, Dr. Boonnuch spoke of her experience at a disaster site last year, which taught her how gratifying it was to help people with this Assist technology.  She later prepared a medical paper on how to perform Scientology Assists and how using them enabled her to relieve trauma and suffering quickly and effectively.  She was amazed that people who came to her crushed and despondent left smiling only minutes later.

“Using your techniques, I was able to help people who were suffering from pain and trauma, and make them smile,” said Dr. Boonnuch.    “I have seen the effectiveness of these methods, and now I intend to speak about them in international journals and conferences.”

Dr. Boonnuch was so impressed with the Scientology technology she learned that she came to New York to undertake formal Volunteer Minister’s training, which she has now completed.

The Reverend John Carmichael, of the Church of Scientology of New York, presented Dr. Boonnuch with her Scientology Volunteer Ministers Assist Technology certificate and a bouquet of flowers.  He also surprised her with a special jacket bearing the insignia of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers program to acknowledge how she exemplifies the qualities of such a volunteer, as stated by L. Ron Hubbard: “A Volunteer Minister is a person who helps his fellow man on a volunteer basis by restoring purpose, truth and spiritual values to the lives of others.”

Tom Cruise and the Scientology video – what a lot of noise

What Tom Cruise – or rather Scientology – is experience is religious discrimination born in the mind of some old-time Nazis. Certainly he is being attacked for creating a movie about the German resistance in World War II! That’s why such a movie is important and that’s why his non-Scientologist partner Paula Wagner needs to be congratulated for her honest and straight answer to the current hate mongering:

Wagner, who works alongside Cruise as the co-owner and CEO of their
company United Artists Entertainment, released the following statement
of support
on Friday (January 18):

“I have known and worked
with Tom for more than 25 years. He’s a rock-solid dependable partner,
and I have the utmost respect and admiration for his talent, integrity,
kindness, and dedication. Andrew Morton’s book is a disgraceful piece
of gossip-mongering, filled with distortions and outright lies that no
sensible person will take seriously. I am not a Scientologist, nor are
most of the people Tom and I work with, but that doesn’t mean I can sit
by silently while he is attacked for his religious beliefs. As a
filmmaker and an American, I feel strongly that an individual’s
religion should have no bearing on their professional life. I have
always believed that Americans celebrated these differences, and to see
the vitriol that has been directed towards my friend is truly
discouraging. It’s easy to mock an out-of-context video, but that
doesn’t change the fact that Tom Cruise is one of the hardest-working
and nicest human beings I have ever known.

Definition: out-ethics / putting in ethics

First, how is “ethics” defined in Scientology? Here is the primary text about it:

“Ethics is so native to the individual that when it goes off the rails he will always seek to overcome his own lack of ethics.

He knows he has an ethics blind spot the moment he develops it. At that moment he starts trying to put ethics in on himself, and to the degree that he can envision long-term survival concepts, he may be successful, even though lacking the actual tech of ethics.

All too often, however, an individual becomes involved in an out-ethics situation; and if the individual has no tech with which to handle it analytically (rationally), his “handling” is to believe or pretend that something was done to him that prompted or justified his out-ethics action, and at that point he starts downhill. When that happens, nobody puts him down the chute harder, really, than he does himself.

And, once on the way down, without the basic technology of ethics, he has no way of climbing back up the chute – he just collapses, directly and deliberately. And even though he has a lot of complexities in his life, and he has other people doing him in, it all starts with his lack of knowledge of the technology of ethics.

This, basically, is one of the primary tools he uses to dig himself out.”

(Source: Scientology Handbook(online) )

For those who did not get it up to here: out-ethics is just a violation of any ethics code somebody abide. Here is a bit more detail on

“Scientology ethics, explained L. Ron Hubbard, are reason. They provide the means by which men conduct themselves toward their long-term survival, the survival of their families, their groups, their planet and more. Implicit within the subject is the recognition that all things are, to one degree or another, interdependent upon all else and that only by constantly considering the survival of the many can the individual ensure his own survival.

With this thinking firmly in mind the Scientologist obeys the law, remains faithful to his spouse, truthful in his business dealings and otherwise conducts himself in accordance with honesty, integrity and decency.

Scientologists understand that rules and laws form the agreements by which a group, society or nation survives, and that high ethical standards, far from inhibiting the enjoyment of life, foster it.

Yet what of the rest of the world?

For want of a workable system of ethics and justice, whole civilizations have gone to ruin, whole forests have been laid to waste and whole sections of our cities have been reduced to racial battlegrounds. Simultaneously, we have witnessed the steady disintegration of the family, a general decay of sexual values, escalating drug abuse, theft, assault and on and on until it seems there is no hope at all – except this: The Scientologist must also live in this society, and he truly does possess the tools to make a difference.”

Definition: KSW – Keeping Scientology Working

This is the title of a series of Scientology texts by L. Ron Hubbard to make sure that Scientology is not being abused. He says in No 1 of the series:

“We have some time since passed the point of achieving uniformly workable technology.

The only thing now is getting the technology applied.

If you can’t get the technology applied then you can’t deliver what’s promised. It’s as simple as that. If you can get the technology applied, you can deliver what’s promised.

The only thing you can be upbraided for by students or pcs is “no results”. Trouble spots occur only where there are “no results”. Attacks from governments or monopolies occur only where there are “no results” or “bad results”.

Therefore the road before Scientology is clear and its ultimate success is assured if the technology is applied.”

Definition: PTS/SP

Tom Cruise is in the media all over the place. That’s not new, but what’s new is that he is quoted using Scientology terminology. So here is some collected data directly from the source:

(Source: Scientology Handbook (online) )

Often a social personality is so mired down in his own difficulties that he cannot see improvement is possible. To him, his setbacks and travails are “just life” or “the way things have to be.” He has no inkling that such a thing as antisocial personalities exist or that one (or more) were making life miserable for him.

To become aware that such a condition exists requires one understand what the condition is. Following are basic terms and definitions associated with the detection and handling of antisocial personalities and those affected by them. These need to be understood for success in addressing and handling personal suppression.

Suppressive Person: (abbreviated “SP”). A person who seeks to suppress, or squash, any betterment activity or group. A suppressive person suppresses other people in his vicinity. This is the person whose behavior is calculated to be disastrous. “Suppressive person” or a “suppressive” is another name for the “antisocial personality.”

Potential Trouble Source: (abbreviated “PTS”). A person who is in some way connected to and being adversely affected by a suppressive person. He is called a potential trouble source because he can be a lot of trouble to himself and to others.

An indicator of someone being a potential trouble source is not whether that person looks intimidated or not cheerful or is having trouble with his boss. Those are not things that indicate whether someone is a PTS. The indicators are very precise.

The PTS is connected to an SP who is antagonistic to him. The suppressive person keeps the potential trouble source from functioning in life. Therefore, the potential trouble source can do well in life or in some activity and then, when he meets up with or is affected by the suppressive person-who is somehow invalidating or making less of him or his efforts-he gets worse.

A potential trouble source is doing well and then not doing well, doing well, not doing well. When he is not doing well, he is sometimes ill. …

Tom Cruise and Scientology – current statements

Morton’s Tom Cruise tell-all says nothing

Author does rehash of ancient tabloid stories and offers no proof for more lurid allegations (January 10, 2008)

Malene Arpe
Pop Culture Writer

The most damning thing one learns from reading Andrew Morton’s Tom Cruise: An Unauthorized Biography is that the actor being biographed is a control freak. Also, perhaps, a bit of a self-obsessed bore.

The book, which will be in stores Tuesday, is a sore disappointment for those of us who’d hoped we might learn something new and exciting about the not-so-tall movie star.

It is, however, not surprising that no great secrets are revealed when the author relies on sources such as Kathleen Jensen, a Toledo, Ohio, “family friend” of Cruise’s wife, Katie Holmes. Jensen shows her moral outrage over the out-of-wedlock pregnancy that would eventually bring forth Suri Cruise and rails that, “She (Holmes) really needs to get that baby baptized in a Catholic church.”

Jensen and a parade of old acquaintances, many of whom may or may not once have eaten a sandwich next to Cruise when they were in the second grade, are about as good as the sources get. Old, tired tabloid stories are repeated, and couch-jumping Oprah Winfrey Show incidents are retold and scrutinized.

Which leads to what seems to be foremost on Morton’s mind: the Church of Scientology of which Cruise is a prominent member. A good portion of the book is devoted to ragging on Scientology (unfailingly referred to as “sect” or “cult”), but rather than make a case that the church has somehow made Cruise a total weirdo, it comes across as space-filler/half-baked personal vendetta.

It’s possible that Scientology is evil, but Morton’s book is not called Scientology is Evil. While a person’s religious affiliation is of interest, here the delving into it comes across as a substitute for actually talking to people who have met Cruise during the last 20 years.

Earlier this week, a Daily Mail article examined Morton’s implication that Suri is somehow the product of frozen sperm from church founder L. Ron Hubbard (shudder). What the suggestion hinges on is a passage as silly as if Morton had been pondering the possibility that Suri’s dad was a dolphin.

“Some sect members sincerely believed that Katie Holmes was carrying the baby that would be the vessel for L. Ron Hubbard’s spirit when he returned from his trip around the galaxy…. Some Sea Org fanatics even wondered if the actress had been impregnated with Hubbard’s frozen sperm. In her more reflective moments, Katie might have felt as if she were in the middle of a real-life version of the horror movie Rosemary’s Baby …”

Anyone who’s visited a celebrity blog during the past couple of years has come across this theory. It’s possible it’s true – it’s also possible that kittens could take over the world and enslave us all – but Morton doesn’t offer any kind of proof.

Morton does, however, excel at iffy foreshadowing. When Cruise first saw himself on television “… he was literally jumping up and down on the sofa with excitement…. It was a precursor of a rather more public performance some twenty-five years later.” Or maybe it was just a kid excited over seeing himself on television.

There have been rumblings about legal action against Morton from Cruise’s team, but unless they want to sue him for being boring, they should just leave it alone.

Curiously, one of the persistent rumours about Cruise – that he may have an, erm, affinity for other men – is shot down again and again by a long parade of old girlfriends dating back to his high school years, who claim that he was a tiger in the backseats of various cars.