Scientology Volunteer Minister Helped at 23 Disaster Sites

In 2008, Scientology Volunteer Ministers administered one-on-one help at 23 separate disaster sites.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers helped at the scene of three floods in Colombia.

In May, after a devastating 7.9 earthquake killed over 60,000 men, women and children in the Sichuan Province of China, Scientology Volunteer Ministers worked in conjunction with the Red Cross and delivered spiritual healing techniques that helped thousands who had lost home and family regain control of their lives.

That same month, a Scientology Volunteer Minister (VM), who is also a medical doctor, traveled with a Thai medical team to cities in Myanmar struck by the devastating cyclone that killed an estimated 130,000. He and another medical doctor, who is also a Scientology Volunteer Minister, trained other physicians to perform Scientology Assists, techniques that help people overcome the emotional and spiritual side of the trauma. A monk at the disaster site was utterly exhausted and in severe pain. When a Scientology Volunteer Minister gave him an Assist, the monk announced, “the pain is gone!” and asked the Scientology Volunteer Ministers to train him and 50 other monks to perform this procedure.

Volunteer Ministers worked with emergency firefighters in India to combat two major fires. In Johannesburg, South Africa, VMs worked with police to provide shelter for hundreds of foreigners displaced during an outbreak of racial violence. In the U.S., VMs helped battle brush fires. tornadoes and hurricanes. In Colombia, they dealt with floods in three different locations.

In late November, a team of Scientology Volunteer Ministers arrived in Mumbai to help in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks. The VMs went to Sir JJ Government Hospital, where they ministered to many of those injured in the attacks. For weeks, they went from bed to bed throughout the wards, helping the victims with Scientology Assists. To help as many people as possible, they trained the families of the injured to do the simple procedures on their own. Two other hospitals asked for the Scientology Volunteer Ministers’ help when they heard how fast victims at Sir JJ Government Hospital were recovering.

After the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India, Scientology Volunteer Ministers went from bed to bed throughout the wards, helping the victims with Scientology Assists and training others to do so too.

Over thirty years ago the founder of the Scientology religion, L. Ron Hubbard, initiated a program to train Scientology volunteers to become Volunteer Ministers, who would help people in much the same way that the “barefoot doctors” of China once did—by ministering to those who could not afford costly, professional help. Today, this program is carried out by thousands of Scientology Volunteer Ministers around the world who provide unique services to help their fellows in any kind of difficulty on a strictly volunteer basis. Scientology Volunteer Ministers have gained the reputation of being there for the long haul, staying until the situation is fully resolved without regard to their own personal comforts. Scientology Volunteer Ministers work very closely with other first responder and disaster response groups and agencies such as the Red Cross and local fire and police departments, each doing their own job in tight coordination with each other.

Disaster relief, however, is not the only work of Scientology Volunteer Ministers. They help people who have communication difficulties, who are sick or injured, who are on drugs, who are stuck in unresolved conflicts, or who are under suppression. They help those who have ethical problems, whose marriages are suffering and those who need help in the workplace. And they help with a host of other problems.

VMs are carrying out a mission defined by L. Ron Hubbard, when he founded the Volunteer Ministers’ program: “A Volunteer Minister does not shut his eyes to the pain, evil and injustice of existence. Rather, he is trained to handle these things and help others achieve relief from them and new personal strength as well.”


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