Church of Scientology of Milano and Youth for Human Rights Sponsor New School in Ghana

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is very clear — education is a basic human right. Yet an education was only a dream to some 300 elementary school children in Acra, Ghana. Now, thanks to the work of the people of Milano, Italy, spearheaded by the Church of Scientology of Milano and the Milano chapter of Youth for Human Rights International (YHRI), this dream has become a fact. They are now attending classes at the UNTOMA Oxford International School in Acra.

The ribbon cutting ceremony, signalling the opening of the UNTOMA Oxford International School in Acra, Ghana. Officials from the Church of Scientology of Milano travelled to Ghana to take part in this special ceremony.

This story began when members of the Church of Scientology of Milano decided to take the message of human rights to heart. Sponsor of the Milano chapter of Youth for Human Rights International, the Church was already dedicated to human rights education. YHRI educates youth on the subject of human rights using a music video called UNITED, which tells the story of a young boy from an American inner city who unites children from around the world to fight for the human rights of his friends.

It was through their human rights education events that these Italian Scientologists learned about a man who had a dream of helping children in his native Ghana. He had a very small school that was sorely lacking in facilities and space to help the children in his area. His dream was to create a place where poor children could get an excellent education and join the job market with the skills they would need to survive. The Scientologists took on this project and raised the funds to create this new school. Working with other churches and groups in their city they organized fundraising activities including charity concerts, where many different artists contributed their talents, performing for free to raise fund for the school.

Children performed traditional dances to celebrate this special day.

The owner of the school went to Italy to meet these volunteers. While there, he visited with local government officials and agencies which, in turn, joined in the cause.

Throughout the project, the music video was the watchword—”UNITED.” People from different cultures, countries, religions and ways of life—artists, politicians and business people—united to help make this project succeed.

The donations raised by the Church of Scientology of Milano, Youth for Human Rights and the other groups that joined in this project has paid not only for the renovations of the new school, but also has provided chairs and tables, blackboards and equipment for the children including exercise books and pens.

Some of the 300 children attending the UNTOMA Oxford International School of Acra. Most of these children would not have had access to education, a right guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, if this school had not been opened.

L. Ron Hubbard wrote that “Human rights must be made a fact, not an idealistic dream.” The groups that worked together to make this school in Acra a fact have proven that by being united, people can make dreams come true.


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