Scientology parents – caring is good for healthy children

Scientologists Opt for “Hands-On” Parenting Solutions

What comes first — spending time with the kids or putting in overtime at work?

It’s a no-win situation for an increasing number of working parents, because doing time for that little piece of extra income means another hour of family time lost forever.

And with the economy setting records for instability, the 9 to 5 grind isn’t getting any easier. This is one of the reasons why many parents find themselves growing distant from their children.

But with the tools to effectively guide a child to make the right decisions in life, you can make the most out of the time you spend with your child.

Don’t feel defensive — how to raise a happy, healthy child is not something most parents are ever taught. In fact, many just stumble through the entire process, albeit with the best intentions. Consequently, it is all too common to find an unhappy state of affairs in families, with constant friction between parents and children.

Raising children should be a joy. And it can be. In fact, it can be one of the most rewarding of all human experiences. The application of Scientology principles to the bringing up of children can ensure that they are happy, loving and productive, and that they become valued members of the societies in which they live.

On that note, the following excerpt from an article by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard offers hands-on solutions to raising a child in a more positive environment.

How to Live with Children

“The main problem with children is how to live with them. The adult is the problem in child raising, not the child. A good, stable adult with love and tolerance in his heart is about the best therapy a child can have.

“The main concentration in raising children is the problem of training them without breaking them. You want to raise your child in such a way that you don’t have to control him, so that he will be in full possession of himself at all times. Upon that depends his good behavior, his health, his sanity.

“Children are not dogs. They can’t be trained like dogs are trained. They are not controllable items. They are, and let’s not overlook the point, men and women. A child is not a special species of animal distinct from man. A child is a man or a woman who has not attained full growth.

“Any law which applies to the behavior of men and women applies to children.

“How would you like to be pulled and hauled and ordered about and restrained from doing whatever you wanted to do? You’d resent it. They only reason a child “doesn’t” resent it is because he’s small. You’d half murder somebody who treated you, an adult, with the orders, contradiction and disrespect given to the average child. The child doesn’t strike back because he isn’t big enough. He gets your floor muddy, interrupts your nap, destroys the peace of the home instead. If he had equality with you in the matter of rights, he’d not ask for this “revenge.” This “revenge” is standard child behavior.

“Self-determinism is that state of being wherein the individual can or cannot be controlled by his environment according to his own choice. In that state the individual has self-confidence in his control of the material universe and other people.”

This article has been excerpted from Children, a booklet based taken from a chapter of the Scientology Handbook, based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard.


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